Choosing the Best Show Picture


Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed when purchasing pictures from your latest event?

Whether you ride endurance, slide into reining stops, or jump cross country obstacles, chances are you will come across an event that has a photographer at some point. While deciding what pictures you want to buy t capture your special event forever can be overwhelming, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect picture to hang on your wall.

1. Look for the moments.

Did the photographer capture the joy on your face after you finished your personal best ride? Did your horse do something adorable during the jog? Was your horses’s effort over the outside oxer just STUNNING? Those moments are something that you never want to forget, and getting the images to remember the details forever is the perfect way to memorialize them.


2. It’s all about the angles.

In most cases, a 3/4 angle on your horse, whatever discipline you are riding, tends to be classic and flattering. Oftentimes, a full on side angle can be nice as well, especially for flat disciplines. The perfect angle sometimes is the difference between an average shot and a “wow!” shot.


3. Timing is everything!

Hopefully, the photographer who is attending your event is well versed in the equestrian community and is in tune to what riders want from their pictures. Each discipline requires different moments in the stride, angles, and timing to get the “money shot”. If you aren’t sure what is the best photo, ask your photographer! Experienced photographers will be happy to help you find the perfect picture to capture your ride.


4. Look for correctness in the rider and horse.

A photo can be beautifully composed by the photographer, but if it’s the moment your horse chooses to hang a leg, or you accidentally get left behind, it may not be the best choice. I always recommend taking a close look at both the horse and the rider and making sure that everyone looks their best. Most photographers can also do minor fixes, such as ear/eye fixes and cleaning up the background. Be sure the ask when you are making your decision!


5. Above all, go with your gut!

Sometimes it happens where I am going through pictures, and for some reason I “just really like this one”. If you have a particular picture (or two!) that you are drawn to, go with your gut. You don’t want to walk away without that one and regret it later. Pictures are all about capturing emotion, and if a picture invokes emotions in you, then the photographer has done his or her job!

I wish you the very best in selecting your pictures this season. If I have attended an event you are looking for pictures at, I am always available to do a consultation and help you find the perfect pictures to fit your needs. Never hesitate to reach out! Have great rides this year!

-Liz, Photographer at Elizabeth Knight Photographer