What to Expect With Every Session

So, you want to book a session.

As a business owner, I strive to be consistent in my treatment of every session. My biggest goals are to make your experience as simple and personal as possible. Each session is catered to you and your pet or horse's individual needs in order to create the best artwork for you as possible!


The First Contact

When we first make contact, I will work with you to get a good idea of exactly what your dream session will look like. From the type of animal, to how many images you need, this process is treated with utmost transparency to help you select the exact session collection for your needs - no more, no less.

If you have chosen styling or have questions, we will work closely to make sure communication is clear and everyone involved knows what is going on. Ask any and all questions that come up - I am happy to help in any way possible!


The Session

Once we have a session date, location, and other details figured out, it's time to shoot! I (and my assistant if needed) will meet you at the predetermined location. The session time starts precisely at the time we planned to make things as clear as possible, so I recommend planning on being ready to go ten minutes before our scheduled time!

When everyone is present, we shoot! I love and recommend coming with posing and prop ideas if you have something that you just love. Even better if you send me the ideas before the session so I can make sure to work them in!


The Delivery

After our session, I carefully sort and hand edit the images for your gallery. Unless something else has been pre-arranged, typically it is up to my discretion which images are included. Usually, I include at least one of each pose that is flattering and has good lighting.

Payment, if it hasn't been completed at the time of the session, is due any time before images are delivered. Typical turnaround time during most times of the year is up to four weeks; please let me know before the session if you need a different timeline.

When the images are completed, the gallery will be sent to your email address. They will be in a simple, user-friendly gallery where the included digitals can be downloaded, and any desired prints or products may be purchased. Remember, the digitals provided are for your personal use, though commercial usage may be purchased from the gallery. Don't forget, I offer a complementary design appointment to help you find the perfect products for your wall or album!

As always, if you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to reach out! I am here for YOU and your dream session, and I want you to love every minute!

- Liz, Photographer at Elizabeth Knight Photography